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Meet Our Infant Teachers

Brenda Ibarra, MFT

Miss Brenda has been involved in early infant education for over 15 years.

I continue to strive towards personal and professional growth by attending trainings and utilizing standardized measures for accurate assessment. I pride myself in having a wide range of experience in this field and believe in a strength based approach when working with families. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing the children and their families work together towards meeting developmental milestones. As a parent and educator I know that every moment with an infant is precious. That’s why we coo, cuddle, rock and do everything possible to promote bonding with your children and develop a sense of trust. Through simple games like peek-a-boo and reading stories I challenge families to learn and apply the foundational work for later learning and help infants grow in areas such as: Language, Cognition, Motor Skill development ,Sensory and Social Emotional development.

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