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When we entered unexpectedly into the world of special needs via the birth of our son it felt much like being dropped into a deep, dark sea at the dead of night. The loss of sight was deafening as we groped about trying to make sense of the world of Mosaic Down Syndrome and get to know our son. At our intake appointment at the Inland Regional Center, Shannon (owner of Kid Power) shined her knowledge and expertise on our situation like a beacon of light as she created learning goals tailored to my son's needs and matched us with the perfect teacher: Ms. Daisy.

Much like the flower, Ms. Daisy, consistently has the most upbeat, positive and bright shining energy that lovingly buoyed all our fears, apprehension, misconceptions in the dreadful sea of unknowing. She patiently taught us how to play with and get to know our son by making eye contact, funny noises, gentle touches and comforting song. Every week she enters our home with new strategies, toys and ideas to meet his needs and encourage us to tread confidently along his journey. Most importantly, she models for us how to truly see our son and revel in all his joy, strength and enjoy the beauty of our new surroundings. Thank you, Ms. Daisy.

-Mommy to Diego B.

As a mother of a 16-month-old boy I feel blessed to be a part of KidPower. It's such an amazing feeling to see where my child started from and where he is now. KidPower really has the power not only to change lives but also help in healing the broken souls of parents and showing them to trust and have faith. And I learned to stay positive because of the wonderful worker I have been blessed with... good job Daisy!... good job KidPower... Thank you for making me believe.

-Mommy to Haider A.