Tresa Downey, PTA

Tresa graduated from Loma Linda University in 1991 as a physical therapy assistant. She worked in geriatrics for a few years before having children and staying home to raise them. In 2007, she returned to work and started working at Totally Kids in Loma Linda. She took her first patients with ICT in March of 2011 with the KidPower program. In January 2013 she started working at the San Jacinto School District with ICT. Tresa is a Certified Fitness Instructor, and has been teaching aerobics since 1983. She also teaches yoga and water aerobics at Loma Linda’s Drayson Center. In her spare time, Tresa enjoys ballroom dancing, cycling, dressage and hippotherapy. She shows through her excellent work that she really enjoys working with children. “I love working with the kids, teaching them how to sit, crawl and walk. Love it!”